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Minor Versionm

by Nirav Patel

    • There are black mylar sheets covering the memory slots. These can be gently bent up to insert your memory modules.

    • Insert the Memory module into the Mainboard by aligning the notch on the Memory module with the notch on the socket.

    • Make sure that the memory is fully inserted before proceeding.

    • Once the module is fully inserted, it will rise up at a 20-degree angle. Gently press it down towards the Mainboard until the clips located at the top and bottom of the receptacle snap into place.

    • If you are using one Memory module, place it in the socket that is labelled ‚ÄúChannel 0."

    • The first boot after installing a new Memory module will take longer than normal, as the system prepares itself for the new module.

    • Using the T5 bit in the Framework Screwdriver, unscrew the fastener that is used to secure the Storage module.

    • Align the notch on the Storage module with the notch on the socket and slide the module into the Mainboard.

    • Once properly inserted the module will rise up at a 20-degree angle.

    • Using one finger gently hold the Storage module down to the Mainboard and use your other hand to screw in the fastener using the T5 bit in the Framework Screwdriver.

    • Be sure to not over-tighten the fastener.

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