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by Sandy Qualey-Dobson


The Framework Laptop 16 was designed so that the Display can be replaced without removing the Top Cover from the Bottom Cover, simply remove the Bezel to access all of the fasteners and connectors as shown.

    • Open the Framework Laptop 16 past 90 degrees to remove the Bezel.

    • The Framework Bezel is attached by magnets so you will not require any tools to remove it. Just use your fingernail and pry the Bezel away from the display from one of the top corners of the Framework Laptop.

    • Once the Bezel starts peeling off towards the bottom of the Display, lift it up using caution. You might feel a little resistance due to the adhesive at the bottom of the display.

    • With the Framework Laptop 16 fully open, use the Torx T5 bit in the Framework Screwdriver to remove the 4 fasteners that hold the Display in place.

    • We recommend laying a lint free cloth or other soft covering over the Input Deck to protect the Display during this step.

    • Carefully lift the Display off of the Top Cover, and lay it face down on the Input Deck as shown.

    • Handle the Display from the sides wherever possible and make sure not to pull the Display away as it is still connected to the Mainboard with the eDP cable.

    • Lift away the sticker covering the eDP connector.

    • Using the spudger side of the Framework Screwdriver flip up the small metal bar which secures the eDP connector.

    • Disconnect the eDP cable by pulling it directly down from the Display as shown.

    • The eDP cable stays parallel to the Display as shown and and should be pulled away from you as you face the Laptop, it does not pull "up" and doing so could damage the connector.

    • Holding the eDP Cable by the metal cover, connect the it to the Display by sliding it into the connector as shown

    • The connector slides in parallel to the Display and should be connected toward you when facing the Laptop.

    • Once fully inserted, close the metal cover and replace the sticker covering the connector.

    • Lifting the Display carefully by its sides, place it into the Top Cover.

    • The 4 brackets in each corner of the Display should be aligned with the 4 pins on the Top Cover.

    • Using the Torx T5 bit on your Framework Screwdriver, tighten the 4 fasteners in each corner of the Display, we recommend starting with the top fasteners.

    • Make sure that the hole on each bracket is aligned to the corresponding pin on the Top Cover before tightening.

    • Open the Framework Laptop 16 lid to more than 90 degrees to attach the Bezel.

    • Align the corners of the Bezel to the display and place it down. The Bezel is attached by magnets and should easily click into place.

    • Make sure that all of the corners and edges of the Bezel are fully flat to the Top Cover. If the corners are not aligned. carefully lift up the part of the Bezel and guide it into place.

    • If installing a new Bezel, remove the protective film covering the Webcam and sensor.

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